Schumacher DSR Professional Wheeled Battery Chargers

Professionals looking for some of the best Battery Chargers on the market need to take a look at the Schumacher DSR Chargers. These guys have thought of everything. These machines are truly made by professionals, for professionals. It’s namesake, Don Schumacher says, ” “When I was racing, I depended on the best team and equipment to make me a champion. Today, I run my company in the same way.  I insist on top-notch teams, the highest quality and the latest technology in everything we make.  I never settle for anything less than the best and neither should you.”

They have many different models to choose from for any situation. And they’re packed with features. Models range from 300 cranking amps all the way down to a 2 amp trickle charge rate. Cases and housing is made of durable steel construction that will hold up to the typical type of abuse that you would expect out of a busy auto shop.
They have a non-conductive bar built into the handle which is a convenient place to clip your battery terminal clamps onto when you’re rolling it around. Wide track wheels and extra long AC cord for better reach. Extra heavy duty clamps with thick gauge, extra flexible welding cable give you the power and reliability you need. There are manual and automatic models. They have a generous three year warranty.
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DSR Battery Chargers