Special Deal With The Purchase of Dannmar Two Post Lifts

ASEDeals.com is currently running a promotion  on our Dannmar Two Post Lifts.
For a limited time, when you purchase any Dannmar two post lift, you can get our two post lift safety kit for only $229. This kit normally would sell for $419 if purchased separately.
The kit consists of the following three pieces –
A 2 ton tripod jack safety stand. This stand has an adjustable screw mechanism at the top and would be used for support, stabilization and safety when working under the lift.
Daisy Chain lift lights that are very handy for helping you see what you are doing under the car lift. Attaches to the lift by magnet.
A frame cradle pad adapter kit. These adapters have raised edges which catch the vehicle’s frame better to avoid the vehicle slipping off the pad. This is especially helpful when raising from a rounded jacking point, such as an axle.
Safety is always priority number one when working with a Two Post Lift, and this kit will keep you safer without a doubt.

Two Post Lift Safety Kit