Customer XPR10A Two Post Lift Testimonial and Pictures

 Here we go again. We constantly receive new pictures from customers each week showing us their new lifts that they have purchased from us. And we love getting them. It gives them a sense of pride in showing off their new lift as well as their sweet ride, or rides. And it gives us the … Continue reading “Customer XPR10A Two Post Lift Testimonial and Pictures”

Sale On Dannmar Two Post Lifts

Two Post Lifts are one of our most popular items we sell. One of the most popular accessories for a two post lift is an oil drain. After all, who wants to hold a bucket over their head when changing oil? That’s why it’s a perfect combination for us to throw in a free DO-8 oil drain … Continue reading “Sale On Dannmar Two Post Lifts”

New Customer Two Post Lift Pictures 2

Here is another post showing our customer Two Post Lift pictures. The latest set of pictures is provided by Sean Martinez from two locations, Tucson, AZ and McKinney, TX. He needed a two post lift to perform work on his 1966 Chevelle. He wanted a lift that was reliable, from a manufacturer with a good reputation … Continue reading “New Customer Two Post Lift Pictures 2”

Huge BendPak Two Post Lift Sale is pleased to announce a new sale effective October 1st for a limited time. Our most popular BendPak Lift models are currently on sale and will be for a limited time. All of our XPR10 two post lift models are on sale right now at over $130 off their regular price. There is no better … Continue reading “Huge BendPak Two Post Lift Sale”

The Benefit of Asymmetric Two Post Lifts

One of the most common questions we get is, “What does it mean when a lift is asymmetric”? When two post lifts were first introduced, the only kind available was symmetric. This is where the vehicle is centered on the lift and the same amount of the vehicle is in front of the post as … Continue reading “The Benefit of Asymmetric Two Post Lifts”