New Two Post Lift And Shop Equipment Customer In Bahamas

Who wouldn’t want to have an automotive shop in the Bahamas? As long as there is air conditioning in the garage! We recently sold a laundry list of automotive shop  equipment to a customer in Nassau, in New Providence in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. This new customer purchased many different pieces of automotive … Continue reading “New Two Post Lift And Shop Equipment Customer In Bahamas”

New ALI Auto Lift Certification Program

Automotive big wigs gather every year for one of the biggest events in industry. Yes the SEMA show in Las Vegas. It takes place at the end of October into the first few days of November every year. On display are all kinds of cool new concept cars, automotive related products as well as informational … Continue reading “New ALI Auto Lift Certification Program”

Choosing An Automotive Lift Just Got Easier

The title of this post says it all. Choosing an Automotive Lift  just got easier. If you click on that link embedded in the previous phrase “Automotive Lift” you’ll find a captivating article about the facts to use to choose between a two post lift or a four post lift. The article appears on the … Continue reading “Choosing An Automotive Lift Just Got Easier”

Homes For Our Troops – A Worthy Cause

What better time of year than the Easter holiday to donate to Homes For Our Troops? We’ve told you about this very worthy charity before. And we’re going to continue to tell people about it for as long as there’s a need for it. We’ve been supporting them for many years now because the cause … Continue reading “Homes For Our Troops – A Worthy Cause”

Auto Shop Equipment Essentials Wish List

We frequently get asked by our customers, “I’m starting my own auto shop and I don’t know what equipment I need”. There is no definitive list of garage equipment, because every shop is different and has different needs. And budget will always be a factor. But there are some basic essentials that should be part … Continue reading “Auto Shop Equipment Essentials Wish List”

New Portable Full Rise Car Lift From iDeal

What do you get when you cross a pallet jack with a forklift? No that’s not an opening line of some lame old joke. That’s the question you ask right before someone answers, ” The model MSC-6K portable lift“. It combines the features of a pallet jack and a forklift. It can be rolled around … Continue reading “New Portable Full Rise Car Lift From iDeal”

Automotive Lift Inspection Recommendations

Auto shop owners and individuals who own an Automotive Lift should inspect their lifts on a regular basis. There are monthly maintenance checks as well as daily safety checks you should inspect for each day. Most reputable car lift manufacturers include an owner’s manual which should outline a recommended checklist of routine inspection points. The … Continue reading “Automotive Lift Inspection Recommendations”

Lift Buyers – Beware Fraudulent Certification Claims

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) has warned that they have received specific reports that certain lift manufacturers are making false claims that their lifts are ALI Certified. Reports have surfaced in several areas, including England as well as the USA of lift distributors making these misleading claims. ALI has a special page on their web site dedicated … Continue reading “Lift Buyers – Beware Fraudulent Certification Claims”