New Robocop Movie Has ASEDeals Connection

We informed you right here in this Blog back in September of 2012 that ASE was chosen once again by the movie industry to supply products  to the set to help support their filming. In this case, we supplied a Hein Werner transmission jack to the set to aid them in servicing the vehicles that … Continue reading “New Robocop Movie Has ASEDeals Connection” Provides Products To New RoboCop Remake

Guess what we’ve been up to? You’ve seen us provide automotive equipment to many Hollywood movie sets, including – The Taking of Pelham 123 The Sorceror’s Apprentice The Other Guys The Green Hornet Men In Black III Well our latest contribution to tinseltown is a pair of Hein Werner heavy duty, low profile transmission jacks. … Continue reading “ Provides Products To New RoboCop Remake”

Hein Werner Hydraulic Bearing Press

We carry hydraulic and air Bearing Presses  from several different manufacturers, including Ranger, AFF, Zinko, Omega and Hein Werner. Probably our finest quality presses are manufactured by Hein Werner. They’re made in the USA, boast some of the finest quality components and a great warranty. With all the manufacturers out there moving production offshore, it’s nice … Continue reading “Hein Werner Hydraulic Bearing Press”

Looking For A Top Quality USA Made Floor Jack?

We carry many great jacks by many different manufacturers. We require any car jack that we carry to be of a commercial quality, and to have rebuild kits and parts available. If they don’t, we won’t carry them. It’s that simple. Our customers are serious users and demand quality. But there are some customers that … Continue reading “Looking For A Top Quality USA Made Floor Jack?”