Tire Changer Selection Is Vital – Part 1

Almost every auto shop has a Tire Changer. There are many different types of tire changers with differing features. It can be as simple as a manual tire changer, or as complex as a high end full featured automatic touch-less tire changer. And there’s everything in between. Your choice will be determined by your budget and volume of tires that you are changing, along with the types of wheels that you typically encounter. Some auto shops may never see a low profile tire, while others may specialize in them. The number of tires you typically change in a week is vital information to determine which tire machine to get. You certainly aren’t going to get an expensive full featured model if you only change a few tires a week. It would take a decade to justify the expense.
Most garage owners will purchase a standard rim clamp tire changer. It gets the job done in an efficient  and effective way and does so at a reasonable price. The old center post tire machines were good in their day, but are not recommended for today’s modern wheels. If you don’t want to damage expensive alloy wheels, you had better get a rim clamp model. Very few manufacturers even make a center post model anymore, although there are a few holdouts, because there are still some old-timers out there that are reluctant to change.
The next decision is whether to get a model with a mounting helper arm. If you see low profile tires with any frequency whatsoever, it would be well worth it to get one of these models with this feature. If you don’t, and you damage one set of expensive alloy rims, you just lost more money than the mounting helper arm would have cost you. By the same token, why turn away the business? If you can bring in new business by handling jobs that other shops in your area cannot, you just brought in a new revenue stream that can be a gold mine. It seems every kid with a $200 pair of sneakers these days also has to have flashy expensive wheels with low profile tires. And some auto makers are also offering more options as well. These machines will have plastic duckheads and rim clamp covers to protect the expensive rims also.

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  1. Tire changers should be durable and easy to operate. Unlike other machines these help us a lot especially when fixing our cars. It is only right that you give enough investment for tire changers.

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