Automotive Lift Options – Part 3

We focused on two post lifts and in-ground lifts in part one, and spoke about four post lifts and Scissor lifts in part two of our series – Automotive Lift Options.

Part three is the final part of this three part series. We will focus on Mobile wheel engaging lifts, Pit Lifts and Parking Lifts.

Mobile Wheel Engaging Lifts, also known as Portable Column Lifts are more often used for heavy trucks and large vehicles. They are typically sold in sets of four or six and lift the vehicle by the wheels. They can be rolled around to where you need them, so you don’t need to permanently mount them, and you can store them out of the way when you’re done with them. They are synchronized so they will lift at the same pace.

Pit Lifts are perfect for lube shops, but also are popular with the home / hobbyist who just wants a car lift that allows him complete access to the underside of the vehicle. Lube shops love this lift because it straddles their pit and the technician will work from underneath, down in the pit. Oil changes are quick and easy, because you just drive on and off. We all know, time is money. Home users appreciate the ability to get at the underside of their car while still having a low rise lift that will work for their low ceiling garage.

Finally, there are many different types of parking lifts / car storage lifts. The most popular parking lifts are Four Post Lifts. These are extremely popular with the home car enthusiast looking for more room in his garage. The four post parking lift is the most affordable option, and can even be portable with the optional caster kit.
There are two post parking lifts that are also very popular. These are not like the typical two post service lift. These have runways that you drive up onto.
Then there are single post parking lifts. Customers who purchase these lifts get them because they don’t take up all the floor space that those other types of storage lifts do. You just have the one column. Because you’re lifting from only one side, this style of car storage lift requires it to be mounted to an adequate concrete surface.

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Single Post Parking Lift