Aluminum Frame Truck VS Steel Frame Auto

Ford has made quite a stir recently with their new aluminum frame F150 pick-up truck. And why not? It’s an innovative idea that has origins in sound logic. Aluminum is much lighter than steel. It’s actually about half the weight of an equivalent quantity of steel. So if an automobile is manufactured with an aluminum frame, … Continue reading “Aluminum Frame Truck VS Steel Frame Auto”

Massachusetts Right to Repair Bill Becomes Law

 According to the  Massachusettes Right To Repair Coalition, the voters have spoken. And the result is – They overwhelmingly approve of the right to Repair law voted on by referendum on Question 1 on last Tuesday’s election. The reason this historic legislation is so significant is that Massachusetts is the first state to pass such legislation. It effectively … Continue reading “Massachusetts Right to Repair Bill Becomes Law”

Scan Tools Have Come A Long Way Over The Years

The year was 1980. GM came out with  the Assembly Line Diagnostic Link otherwise known as the ALDL. It was used as a tool for diagnosing on-board computer functions prior to the vehicle being rolled off the assembly line. Shortly afterward, the entire industry jumped on board, using this connection as an access point to … Continue reading “Scan Tools Have Come A Long Way Over The Years”

Diesel System Cleaner By

Diesel engines have changed over the years. Performance has improved, and manufacturers have decreased emissions dramatically. However these improvements have not eliminated the need for service. Sulphur content and contaminants have been decreased and performance has been enhanced by improvements to the fuel as well as the engineering of the latest electronically controlled engines. When … Continue reading “Diesel System Cleaner By”

When Good Gas Goes Bad

Everybody has had it happen. You stored a car over a long term period of time, or maybe even a lawn mower or some other piece of gas driven equipment. Then, you go to start it up after this long lay off. Of course, it doesn’t start. Or maybe it starts, but runs poorly. Perhaps … Continue reading “When Good Gas Goes Bad”

Oil changes not always every 3000 miles now

Remember the days when it was assumed that every 3000 miles, you had to change your car’s motor oil? It was the mantra from everybody. It was automatic.  Well not anymore. Sure, many car manufacturers still designate 3000 miles as the mandatory oil change mileage, but many more vehicles are mandating longer time frames. Some … Continue reading “Oil changes not always every 3000 miles now”

Auto Shop Owners – Dealing With Repeat Problems

Repeat  problems can be a big hassle for many auto shop owners. All shops see them. But how do you deal with them? How you deal with them is the most important factor in retaining your loyal customers. After all, you risk your customers seeing you as unwilling to repair a problem, or worse yet,  incompetant. If you … Continue reading “Auto Shop Owners – Dealing With Repeat Problems”

Modern Spark Plug Technology

It was only a few years ago that you would expect to change your plugs every 30,000 miles or so. Recent advancements in spark plug technology now allows drivers to get up to 100,000 miles out of their plugs. The introduction of platinum and other precious materials to spark plugs has boosted the life expectancy … Continue reading “Modern Spark Plug Technology”

Tips For Removing Stuck Nuts And Bolts

We’ve all encountered it. You are trying to remove a frozen nut from a wheel or some other component, and it just won’t budge. There’s just too much corrosion due to years of build up and oxidation. Or maybe the nut is stripped. These situations call for more than just brute force. You risk damaging … Continue reading “Tips For Removing Stuck Nuts And Bolts”

AC Service Considerations

Summer is  coming sooner than you realize, and one of the most common services technicians perform during the warmer months is AC system service. It can be a profitable service for the repair shop owner, and a vital service for the customer. But it is more important than ever to assure that the service is … Continue reading “AC Service Considerations”