New R980X Ranger Tire Changer

It’s here! The new Ranger Tire Changer model R980X. People were waiting for this new model in anticipation because it is replacing the popular RX950, which was the most popular Ranger model for many years. In fact, it was our most popular model. It was very reliable and durable. So why replace such a popular product? The new R980X has many improvements over the old RX950. First, it has a beefier, more stout cabinet. It also has a larger air tank in the back for the jet blast feature, so it can seat the bead of larger tires while they are up on the turntable. It also has a larger 2 HP motor compared to the 1.5 HP motor on the RX950. The R980X also has greater capabilities for handling larger rims, up to 24 inch rims compared to the RX950, which only handled up to 21 inch rims. The R980X also handles smaller rims, all the way down to 10 inch rims, compared to the RX950, which only handled down to 11.5 inch rim diameter. Plus It has the same great Ranger one year parts and labor warranty. View instructions manual here.

Ranger Tire Changer