Ranger RL8500 Combination Brake Lathe

Need a Brake Lathe? Do you want a quality product at a reasonable price? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, you need to check out our Ranger RL8500 brake lathe.
Ranger has thought of everything with this one. This is a fine tuned machine that is based on a time tested design that has proven it’s worthiness over the years.
This is actually an upgraded design from their previously popular RL4500 Brake Lathe design. The improved features include the dual DC servo motors instead of the more complex gear boxes for the cross feed and spindle feed drives. This makes the new machine more reliable. Add to that the new universal adapter and you’ve got a product that has all the capabilities you want and will last you for years. All at a very reasonable price.
Turn drums up to 28 inches and rotors up to 17 inches with a machine that’s built to be faster and more accurate than ever. It’s infinitely variable control leaves you in the driver’s seat. You’ll be able to adjust cut speeds with a simple turn of a dial. Everything is designed to be user friendly.
This kit now includes the standard adapter package, and the bench with background. Optional truck adapter package is available.

Ranger Brake Lathe