New Customer BendPak P-6 Pit Lift Pictures

We have been selling the BendPak P-6 Pit Lift for 15 years. And in that time frame, we’ve sold quite a few of them. Most customers who purchase this model are lube shops who have a pit that the technician would go down into and then change the oil from below and perform other service … Continue reading “New Customer BendPak P-6 Pit Lift Pictures”

Auto Shop Equipment Essentials Wish List

We frequently get asked by our customers, “I’m starting my own auto shop and I don’t know what equipment I need”. There is no definitive list of garage equipment, because every shop is different and has different needs. And budget will always be a factor. But there are some basic essentials that should be part … Continue reading “Auto Shop Equipment Essentials Wish List”

New Customer BendPak Automotive Lift Pictures

The latest customer picture and testimonial to come in is from Joe Raymond from LTM Auto Repair out of Pontiac, MI. They purchased a BendPak Lift from us years ago, and when they were in the market for a new automotive lift recently, there was no question what they were going to get. The P6-F Pit Lift by … Continue reading “New Customer BendPak Automotive Lift Pictures”

Automotive Lift Options – Part 3

We focused on two post lifts and in-ground lifts in part one, and spoke about four post lifts and Scissor lifts in part two of our series – Automotive Lift Options. Part three is the final part of this three part series. We will focus on Mobile wheel engaging lifts, Pit Lifts and Parking Lifts. … Continue reading “Automotive Lift Options – Part 3”

BendPak P-6 Pit Lift Car Lift

If you’re a lube shop owner, you need this lift. It’s the BendPak P6 Pit Lift. While this Car Lift is made to straddle pits in oil change and lube shops, that’s not it’s only use. Many shop owners that don’t have a pit will get it for performing body work, brake work and tire rotations. Like … Continue reading “BendPak P-6 Pit Lift Car Lift”

Product Spotlight – BendPak Lift for Lube Shops

Lube shops across the country have requested a lift that allows full access to the vehicle from the underside, for quick oil changes from below in a pit, as well as access to the sides, for brake and body work. They now have it in the BendPak P-6 and P-6F pit lift. Obviously no one … Continue reading “Product Spotlight – BendPak Lift for Lube Shops”