The Importance of Using the Proper Fluid in Your Automobile

Consumer Reports recently ran an article illustrating the importance of using the proper fluids in your vehicle.
One surprising note from the article – Filling your windshield washer fluid reservoir with water is a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires disease. Who knew? So now, it’s not just a dirty windshield you have to worry about.
Believe it or not, some folks actually put antifreeze in their windshield wiper fluid reservoir, and windshield fluid in their radiator. Granted, these are amateur mistakes to be sure, but there are some other mistakes that more seasoned car owners may make.
Some weekend gearheads may think nothing of using a slightly different weight motor oil than is recommended by the manufacturer. This could be a significant mistake. If the manufacturer says use SAE30, use it.
Some folks think using the premium, High Octane gas will improve performance. But once again, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If they say use Regular 87 Octane, use it.
Batteries are frequently sealed these days, but for those that are not, some techs may be tempted to use plain old tap water. But this would be a mistake that can cause premature death of the battery. Use only distilled water.
Use only the recommended transmission fluid. Using the wrong fluid can cause wear, or overheating of the transmission. And as everybody knows, replacing your transmission is an expensive undertaking.

Follow these rules, and you can avoid a costly venture where you find you favorite vehicle up on an Automotive Lift with an expensive repair bill.

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