Why Choose BendPak Lifts – Two Post Lifts

Here is a brief outline of why BendPak Two Post Lifts are superior to most other two post lifts out there on the market today. Our Bend Pak Lifts are a smart choice for those who want a top-of-the-line automotive lift, but don’t want to pay top-of-the-line prices. Bend Pak is one of America’s largest … Continue reading “Why Choose BendPak Lifts – Two Post Lifts”

BendPak Lift Summer Sale At ASEDeals.com

ASEDeals is currently having a sale on select models. Our BendPak two post 10,000 lb lifts and our 9,000 lb. four post lifts are currently on sale at the lowest prices for the season. If you’re on the market for a quality two post lift, now is the time. BendPak’s latest models are chocked full … Continue reading “BendPak Lift Summer Sale At ASEDeals.com”

Another ASEdeals.com Bahamas Car Lift Connection

We recently took a trip to the Carribean to check in with some of our customers there. We have distributed equipment to many customers on the islands and wanted to profile some of them for our Blog. It is interesting material to see who else out there across the globe has purchased these products, and what they think … Continue reading “Another ASEdeals.com Bahamas Car Lift Connection”

The Benefit of Asymmetric Two Post Lifts

One of the most common questions we get is, “What does it mean when a lift is asymmetric”? When two post lifts were first introduced, the only kind available was symmetric. This is where the vehicle is centered on the lift and the same amount of the vehicle is in front of the post as … Continue reading “The Benefit of Asymmetric Two Post Lifts”

Customer Pictures for BendPak Car Lift

Here is yet another installment of our customer pictures and testimonials. People are always asking us to show them more pictures and feedback from other past customers as well. They want to see the products in a typical auto shop or home garage environment. It gives them a better feel on how it might work … Continue reading “Customer Pictures for BendPak Car Lift”

ASEDeals.com Bahamas Car Lift Connection

We here at ASEdeals.com take pride in the wide variety of customers we’ve supplied equipment to over the past 14 years. We’ve supplied lifts to may different countries and to many different types of customers, from Hollywood movie sets, such as the Denzel Washington, John Travolta hit; The Taking of Pelham 123, to Universal Studios … Continue reading “ASEDeals.com Bahamas Car Lift Connection”

BendPak Two Post Lift Pad options

We carry several different Car Lift manufacturers. Forward, Challenger, Dannmar and BendPak. The best lifts by far are our BendPak Two Post Lifts for many reasons. One of those reasons is the triple telescoping arms. Another reason is that they are ALI certified. Yet another reason is the variety of options available for them. For … Continue reading “BendPak Two Post Lift Pad options”

Two Post Lift Safety – Vehicle Jacking Points

Customers frequently ask us, ” How do I know where to place the lift pads of my Two Post Lifts underneath my vehicle? Where are the best jacking points? Where are the safest jacking points”? Most commercial auto shop technicians already know where to place the lift jacking pads. But we get many customers who are … Continue reading “Two Post Lift Safety – Vehicle Jacking Points”

ASEDeals.com Latest Hollywood Connection – The Other Guys

We’ve been very busy lately. In previous posts, we’ve shown you many customers pictures and testimonials. We have also shown you some of the Hollywood movies that we’ve supplied automotive lifts to. The latest major film production that has purchased a Car Lift from Automotive Service Equipment, ( ASEdeals.com ) is a soon-to-be-released comedy called The Other Guys. The … Continue reading “ASEDeals.com Latest Hollywood Connection – The Other Guys”