Distracted Driving – A Growing Concern

Back in the “Good Old Days” as my grandfather used to call them, they didn’t have all these new-fangled contraptions to play with while driving. In his day, they had a radio, (AM only) and a heater. OK, windshield wipers too. But not so many products that they couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand: looking … Continue reading “Distracted Driving – A Growing Concern”

The Fight For Fair Competition In the Automotive Service Industry

There is a battle brewing across the nation in the automotive repair industry. On the one hand, you have the automotive manufacturers and  dealers, and on the other, the independent repair shops and aftermarket parts manufacturers. The local independent shops are lobbying to gain access to the valuable proprietary information that the manufacturers have for … Continue reading “The Fight For Fair Competition In the Automotive Service Industry”

BendPak / Ranger Price Increase Scheduled For April 1st

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Customers who are on the market for Tire Changers, Spray Wash Cabinets, Floor Jacks and Automotive Lifts should review models on our web site before April 1st. BendPak / Ranger, one of our primary manufacturers we distribute have a price increase coming on April 1st. Some of the most … Continue reading “BendPak / Ranger Price Increase Scheduled For April 1st”

Geneva International Motor Show 2011

The Geneva Motor Show runs from March 3rd through 13th. It’s been a staple in Europe for over 100 years. We realize that most Americans reading this post won’t be able to attend, but it’s still a very interesting look at some of the most imaginative, daring and creative concept cars that you will find, so it’s worth … Continue reading “Geneva International Motor Show 2011”

Flying Cars Not Just Science Fiction Anymore

People have been predicting the coming of flying cars for decades. And it always seemed like such a distant future. Like something out of the Jetsons. But we seem to be getting closer and closer each year. There is a constant barrage of prototypes that hit the press release wires each year that bring hope … Continue reading “Flying Cars Not Just Science Fiction Anymore”

Are Bargain Generic Replacement Parts Worth The Risk?

It can be tempting for auto shop owners and consumers alike to take the cheap route and purchase inexpensive aftermarket replacement parts. There is no shortage. There is a glut of these parts that have come from questionable sources and are readily available for purchase in any number of venues. Many of these aftermarket generic parts are … Continue reading “Are Bargain Generic Replacement Parts Worth The Risk?”

Car Collector Appreciation Day

Many of our customers are car collectors. Classic cars, muscle cars, Fords, GM, foreign cars, you name it, there’s a collector who specializes in it. They dote on their cars like a father would a child. Storing it up on their Four Post Lift, and bringing it down for special events, and car shows. Collectors are a very … Continue reading “Car Collector Appreciation Day”

Independent vs Dealer Repairs – Which is better?

Your car just broke down on the side of the road on a hot summer day. You called for a tow truck and you must decide where to have them take it. Do you have them bring it to the car dealership service center, or to a local independent repair shop? There are strong arguments … Continue reading “Independent vs Dealer Repairs – Which is better?”

Tougher Safety Standards Proposed For Automobiles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has come out with a new vehicle scoring system for crash safety. This new system is designed to help consumers have access to information that will aid them in choosing safer vehicles. It tests for front and side impact crashes, as well as resistance to rollover. The testing is … Continue reading “Tougher Safety Standards Proposed For Automobiles”

Traffic Cameras – Big Brother Is Watching

State and local governments across the nation are hurting for money. 90 percent of them are running deficits. So it comes as no surprise that they’re searching for any way they can to increase revenues. One way they’re doing this is by increasing fines and creating new ways to catch those who are violating traffic … Continue reading “Traffic Cameras – Big Brother Is Watching”