Auto Shops Must Meet New Standards For Paint Emissions

Auto Shops that are into body work and any shop that performs any painting of cars will have to comply with the new standards for emissions compliance as put forward by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their NESHAP standard. This dictates painting air toxin emission maximums for the painting and stripping industry. The deadline … Continue reading “Auto Shops Must Meet New Standards For Paint Emissions”

Motorvac Fuel System Service Machine

You know you’ve got a good piece of auto shop equipment when your machine is rated as one of the top 20 tools for the auto shop by Motor Magazine. That’s how you know the Motorvac CarbonClean MCS 245 Fuel System Service Machine and Diagnostic Center is the real deal. It’s the first gas engine … Continue reading “Motorvac Fuel System Service Machine”

Refrigerants For Automotive AC Systems

Technicians and auto shop owners must always stay on top of the latest technology. For years, (Freon), R-12 was the refrigerant of choice for all automotive air conditioning systems. But in 1994, it was replaced with the more environmentally friendly R134a. Everybody knows that you cannot interchange or mix the two. Any vehicle that has … Continue reading “Refrigerants For Automotive AC Systems”

RTI ATF Boost Fluid Exchanger

We’ve been carrying RTI Technologies products for many years now. One of the most popular line of products is their line-up is their Transmission Fluid Exchanger. They exchange the transmission fluid faster than ever with their new “Boost” technology. This technology incorporates a diaphragm pump that reduces the backup from the transmission pump. Pressure is … Continue reading “RTI ATF Boost Fluid Exchanger”

Transmission Fluid Exchangers

The importance of exchanging your transmission fluid should not be underestimated. Most transmission failures are attributed to the transmission fluid wear and breakdown. It is not just a lubricant, it also provides the hydraulic pressure necessary to change the gears and change torque inside the torque converter. Many modern transmission fluids are long life fluids … Continue reading “Transmission Fluid Exchangers”

RTI Nitrogen Tire Filling Machine

Why do we need to fill tires with nitrogen? That’s the question we get all the time when people see this machine. As an auto shop owner, you need to know how to answer this question. That’s because filling automotive tires with nitrogen has become a true profit center. More and more customers looking to improve … Continue reading “RTI Nitrogen Tire Filling Machine”

Auto Shop Evaporative Cooling Fans

Hot, sweaty days are murder in an auto shop. In the past, you had to throw a couple of portable fans up and just bear it. Or, if you were extremely lucky, you could have air conditioning put in , but at a prohibitive cost. There’s just been no cost effective way to beat the heat – until now. Evaporative … Continue reading “Auto Shop Evaporative Cooling Fans”

Waste Oil Collection and Storage Tanks

Any auto shop has the need for oil collection methods along with storage containers. There are a wide variety of waste oil collection tanks and drains, and waste oil storage containers. Most importantly, your shop must conform to EPA standards for waste oil storage and collection or you can face penalties. For instance, you must … Continue reading “Waste Oil Collection and Storage Tanks”

ELF-1 Smoke Machine Leak Detector

Did you ever have an automotive system leak that you could not locate? Of course you have. Every technician who’s been around for any length of time has. There have been leak detectors and smoke machines before. And they’ve had varying degrees of success. But none have offered the complete package. Many were made to … Continue reading “ELF-1 Smoke Machine Leak Detector”