New Next Generation Ranger Tire Changers

Ranger Products, a division of BendPak inc. recently came out with their new, next generation of tire changers. They have always been known for building solid, durable and long lasting tire machines. But they never were a company that rests on their laurels. A few months back, they introduced their new, next generation of Tire … Continue reading “New Next Generation Ranger Tire Changers”

New Ranger R26-FLT Heavy Duty Tire Changer

It’s Here! The new Ranger R26FLT Heavy Truck Tire Changer is here. This is the latest in their “Next Generation” of tire changers. It has all the latest features that separate it from the pack. This is a super duty truck tire changer that will make all of those difficult to change tires a breeze … Continue reading “New Ranger R26-FLT Heavy Duty Tire Changer”

Ranger Tire Changer New Jet Blast Feature

Most tire changer manufacturers have a “jet blast” feature built in to their tire changing machines that shoot a rapid blast of air directly out of the jaw clamps that grab onto the rim that hold the wheel onto the turntable. This blast of air shoots directly through holes in the clamps into the tire … Continue reading “Ranger Tire Changer New Jet Blast Feature”

Yet Another Hollywood Tire Changer Connection

The Green Hornet is latest Columbia Pictures film that has played a very small part in. This is a new Seth Rogan comedy scheduled for release in  early 2011. This classic television retro super hero flick is being brought out for a big screen debut in January. They purchased a Ranger RX950 Tire Changer along with a … Continue reading “Yet Another Hollywood Tire Changer Connection”

Ranger R26EX Tire Changer Video

The Ranger R26EX Tire Changer has many bells and whistles. As a tire changer, it meets most automotive shop and  tire shop needs. It has dual mounting helper arms, so you can handle not only low profile tires, but you’ll also be able to handle run flat tires. And we all know how popular those large, … Continue reading “Ranger R26EX Tire Changer Video”

Tire Changers / Wheel Balancer Combo Package Deals is currently running a special on some of our most popular Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer combo packages. Now, all of these models are already on sale when purchased individually already. But right now, and for a limited time, you can get an additional discount when you purchase a tire changer along with a wheel balancer. … Continue reading “Tire Changers / Wheel Balancer Combo Package Deals”

Ranger R980X Tire Changer

Ranger has a new tire changer. The R980X Tire Changer has all the great features that auto shop owners want, and even has a warranty that includes on-site service for one year, similar to many top-of-the-line tire changer manufacturers out there. But there is one major difference – Price. Ranger hit the ball out of … Continue reading “Ranger R980X Tire Changer”

New R980X Ranger Tire Changer

It’s here! The new Ranger Tire Changer model R980X. People were waiting for this new model in anticipation because it is replacing the popular RX950, which was the most popular Ranger model for many years. In fact, it was our most popular model. It was very reliable and durable. So why replace such a popular … Continue reading “New R980X Ranger Tire Changer”

Ranger Tire Changers and Tire Machines

The rapidly growing popularity over the past several years of the low profile tires and run flat tires has brought about a rush of new tire changers to handle them safely, and with out damaging the expensive alloy rims that they are mounted to. If you don’t want to turn away paying customers, you had … Continue reading “Ranger Tire Changers and Tire Machines”

New Ranger RX3040 Tire Changer Video at ASEDEALS.COM is proud to announce a new high performance tire changer to our already impressive lineup. The new RX3040 High Performance Tire Changer by Ranger is the latest entry by this manufacturer. This is a high-end, hands free tire changer that has all the features that you’ll find on some of those premium tire changer … Continue reading “New Ranger RX3040 Tire Changer Video at ASEDEALS.COM”