Customer Car Lift Modification

We always share with you our customer pictures when customers are kind enough to share their experience and feedback with us. In this case, the customer is Karl Wilen out of Olatha, KS.  He purchasedour BendPak MD-6XP Mid Rise Lift. This lift is extremely popular with the home / hobbyist crowd, because it’s got the features … Continue reading “Customer Car Lift Modification”

Winter Weather Tips For Car Owners

If you don’t have the luxury of parking your automobile in a garage on or under an Automotive Lift, and you live in the northern reaches of the United States, then this post is for you. Actually, considering the weather that Texas has been receiving recently, this very well could apply to most residents of the … Continue reading “Winter Weather Tips For Car Owners”

New Tire Pressure Monitoring System Advancements

Tire pressure Monitoring Systems have been required on all new vehicles for the past couple of years. The new RediSensor tire pressure monitoring system from Continental is causing quite a stir. The reason is that it offers an effective piece of equipment that doesn’t require any special installation tools that many other TPMS systems require. … Continue reading “New Tire Pressure Monitoring System Advancements”

BendPak Portable Column Lifts

For customers who need to service heavy trucks, buses, fire truck and other heavy equipment, the choices are limited. You can go with a Four Post Lift, or the BendPak heavy truck Portable Column Lift. Each type of Auto Lift has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. The benefits of choosing a portable column lift instead … Continue reading “BendPak Portable Column Lifts”

Snow Means Increased Profits For Auto Shops And Car Dealers

The nation has been hit hard by winter weather so far this year. The eastern seaboard has been hit by storm after storm, with ice storms hammering as far south as Georgia. They’re not familiar with frozen precipitation that far south, so on those rare occasions when it occurs, you can bet it brings them … Continue reading “Snow Means Increased Profits For Auto Shops And Car Dealers”

Automakers Pushing Smaller Cars, But Are Consumers Listening

Conventional wisdom states that one of the main reasons US automakers fell into financial peril over the past decade is because they were behind the times. They don’t offer what the people want. They don’t offer any smaller vehicles. No hybrids, no eco – friendly automobiles. No low gas consumption cars. Well, if the current … Continue reading “Automakers Pushing Smaller Cars, But Are Consumers Listening”

The Importance Of Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts are just one of many components of a vehicle that effect drivability and comfort of the ride. The obvious initial impact on driving relates to the main purpose of shocks and struts – decreasing the impact of a rough road to give you a smooth ride. This is an important function, but … Continue reading “The Importance Of Shocks and Struts”

New More Strict Proposal For Burning Waste Oil

If you are an auto shop owner who has a waste oil heater and uses it to save money on both disposing of your waste oil, along with saving money on when it comes to heating your shop, you may want to pay attention to this story, because it could affect your bottom line dramatically. … Continue reading “New More Strict Proposal For Burning Waste Oil”