Garage Quinn Motors BendPak 2 Post Lift

When Quinn Kizas from the popular YouTube channel Garage Quinn Motors needed a car lift, guess who he called? If you said ASEdeals, you’re right! Quinn has a very popular You Tube channel where he performs all kinds of performance modifications to his many cool automobiles and his videos are instructional and quite informative.  Quinn … Continue reading “Garage Quinn Motors BendPak 2 Post Lift”

This Month’s Winner Announced – New Customer Lift Pics

In case you’re new to this blog, we have been having a drawing each month recently that awards a free hand-held jump starter to a lucky customer who submits a picture or two of their new car lift, tire changer or air compressor to us. The rules are pretty simple; just submit a picture, and … Continue reading “This Month’s Winner Announced – New Customer Lift Pics”

Goldberg Shows Off His BendPak Lifts

We’ve shown you plenty of videos of our of our customers with their BendPak Lift. We’ve also shown you some videos that BendPak put out to promote their wide variety of products. This video is a production put out by BendPak with the popular professional wrestling personality, Bill Goldberg. He has the ultimate garage workshop setup, … Continue reading “Goldberg Shows Off His BendPak Lifts”

New Customer BendPak Four Post Lift Pictures

Have you been considering purchasing a four post lift for your home garage? If so, we recommend the model HD-9 or HD9ST BendPak Lift. There is no finer quality four post lift on the market built for the home hobbyist. Whether you’re using it for storing one vehicle over another, or you just want to service … Continue reading “New Customer BendPak Four Post Lift Pictures”

New Customer BendPak Automotive Lift Pictures

The latest customer picture and testimonial to come in is from Joe Raymond from LTM Auto Repair out of Pontiac, MI. They purchased a BendPak Lift from us years ago, and when they were in the market for a new automotive lift recently, there was no question what they were going to get. The P6-F Pit Lift by … Continue reading “New Customer BendPak Automotive Lift Pictures”

BendPak Portable Column Lifts

For customers who need to service heavy trucks, buses, fire truck and other heavy equipment, the choices are limited. You can go with a Four Post Lift, or the BendPak heavy truck Portable Column Lift. Each type of Auto Lift has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. The benefits of choosing a portable column lift instead … Continue reading “BendPak Portable Column Lifts”

Popular Accessory For Your BendPak Lift

We have been selling BendPak Lifts for many years now, and each type of car lift has it’s own features that make it popular and useful. Some lifts, like our two post lifts, are popular because they offer a full rise, so that you can stand up straight when working underneath them. All the while, … Continue reading “Popular Accessory For Your BendPak Lift”

New Customer BendPak PL6000X Single Post Parking Lift Pictures

Our BendPak PL6000X Single Post Parking Lift is a popular model for the home / hobbyist market and for parking facilities because it offers a space saving design that allows users to store one vehicle over another. It also has a small footprint and doesn’t clutter your garage floor with columns. There is just one … Continue reading “New Customer BendPak PL6000X Single Post Parking Lift Pictures”

Bend Pak Lift Engineering

Excellence in Engineering BendPak has an engineering staff of seven full time engineers who constantly design, test, and evaluate automotive lifts. BendPak lifts have evolved and changed over the course of the past 40 years not because they had to, but because they are always improving the design and structural stability of their lifts to … Continue reading “Bend Pak Lift Engineering”

Huge BendPak Two Post Lift Sale is pleased to announce a new sale effective October 1st for a limited time. Our most popular BendPak Lift models are currently on sale and will be for a limited time. All of our XPR10 two post lift models are on sale right now at over $130 off their regular price. There is no better … Continue reading “Huge BendPak Two Post Lift Sale”