Battery Maintenance in Winter

Battery maintenance always becomes a popular subject this time of year. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold can lead to premature death of a battery. Typical lead acid batteries, such as those found in your average automobile lose approximately 30 to 40% of their power and longevity when they reach 32 degrees F, and can … Continue reading “Battery Maintenance in Winter”

New Clore Automotive Vehicle Memory Saver

Auto shop technicians and home / hobbyists who needed to disconnect the battery while servicing a vehicle in the old days didn’t have much to worry about. They could just disconnect the battery and perform their work, then reconnect the battery and you’re good to go. Not so easy anymore. With all of the modern … Continue reading “New Clore Automotive Vehicle Memory Saver”

Jump N Carry With Air Battery Jump Starter

Technicians, Service Managers, Fleet Maintenance supervisors and even individuals who don’t want to get stranded would be wise to check out our Jump N Carry with Air by Clore Automotive. We know, you’ve seen similar items at your local discount chain store for 1/4 the price. There’s a reason for that. Those bargain basement booster packs cannot … Continue reading “Jump N Carry With Air Battery Jump Starter” Features Jump Starters in Hagerty’s Magazine

If you’re interested in classic cars or are just a car enthusiast in general, you’ve no doubt heard of Hagerty’s Magazine. It is a by product of their original passion, collector car and boat insurance. They were established in 1983 and have now grown to the largest insurance agency for collector cars and boats. When Hagerty’s … Continue reading “ Features Jump Starters in Hagerty’s Magazine”

High profile Auto Auction Purchases Jump Starters From

Famous auto auction Barrett Jackson recently purchased two jump starters from They purchased our 2001 and 3001 wheeled battery jump start units manufactured by Solar. Clore Automotive is the parent company of Solar. We’ve been carrying their products for over 14 years. They’re one of the top name manufacturers when it comes to battery chargers and … Continue reading “High profile Auto Auction Purchases Jump Starters From”

Schumacher DSR Professional Wheeled Battery Chargers

Professionals looking for some of the best Battery Chargers on the market need to take a look at the Schumacher DSR Chargers. These guys have thought of everything. These machines are truly made by professionals, for professionals. It’s namesake, Don Schumacher says, ” “When I was racing, I depended on the best team and equipment … Continue reading “Schumacher DSR Professional Wheeled Battery Chargers”

Christie Battery Chargers – The Best In The Industry

When we call a product  “The Best In The Industry”, we don’t throw these kind of words around lightly.  Christie Battery Chargers really are the best in the industry. Why? How ’bout the heavy gauge steel case. And then there’s the fact that they’re UL listed as suitable for all weather outdoor use. How many other battery … Continue reading “Christie Battery Chargers – The Best In The Industry”

Booster Pac Battery Jump Starters

Auto shops as well as individuals for years have known about the benefits of the Booster Pac Jump Starters. They have tremendous power, features and quality. They have set the standard for commercial quality booster packs for many years. We could tell you about the quality of the construction, starting with the case, which was … Continue reading “Booster Pac Battery Jump Starters”

Battery Jump Starters and Booster Packs

There are so many choices. How do I choose? This is the question we get every single day here at Customers are inundated with choices and without the proper schooling, you could be throwing your money away. The considerations when purchasing a car Battery Jump Starter are – How powerful a unit do I … Continue reading “Battery Jump Starters and Booster Packs”

Christie Battery Chargers – Made in USA

Battery chargers made in USA? No such thing you say? Well, actually, it is true. It is getting close to impossible to find equipment of this type that is made in America anymore. But Christie Battery Chargers are still made in the good old USA, and they have no plans to change that. The Made … Continue reading “Christie Battery Chargers – Made in USA”