Storing Your Classic Car For Winter

Owners of vintage and classic cars have a routine each year as the winter season approaches. They must prepare their cars for winter storage. The warm seasons are over. All of the shows and meets are done. Now it’s time to put your pride and joy away for until next year. There are the common, … Continue reading “Storing Your Classic Car For Winter”

Power Door Locks Repairs

In the not too distant past, power door locks were only found in luxury cars. As technology advanced and made these products more affordable, more and more manufacturers began including them in their mid priced and lower priced vehicles. Now, there are power locks not only on doors, but hatchbacks, liftgates, trunks and even liftgate … Continue reading “Power Door Locks Repairs”

Two Post Automotive Lift Accessories – Part 2

This is part two of a two part series. In part one, we went over several options available for two post lifts. We’ll be going over a few more in this post. Air Hose Reels. Many technicians mount one right to one of the columns, so they can have it right there at the work … Continue reading “Two Post Automotive Lift Accessories – Part 2”

Free Roll Around Stool with Every MaxJax Two Post Lift

The MaxJax portable Two Post Lift by Dannmar has had tremendous popularity in the short time it’s been around. We’ve been carrying Dannmar two post and four post lifts for about seven or eight years now, but the MaxJax car lift has only been around for about a year and a half. In that time frame, … Continue reading “Free Roll Around Stool with Every MaxJax Two Post Lift”

Vehicle Falls Off Car Lift

What happens when a vehicle falls off a Car Lift ? It can get ugly. From damaged to destroyed cars. Damaged car lifts. And worst case scenario, injured, or even fatally injured people. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than you would expect. Why? There are a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s a failure of the … Continue reading “Vehicle Falls Off Car Lift”

New IDEAL Model MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift

I’ve been waiting for a lift like this! That’s what we’ve been hearing from customers since we started carrying the new iDeal MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift . It’s part pallet jack, part forklift, and 100 percent smart. This lift is an intelligent choice for auto shops or salvage yards, or anybody who wants to raise a … Continue reading “New IDEAL Model MSC-6K Portable Auto Lift”