Vehicle Falls Off Car Lift

What happens when a vehicle falls off a Car Lift ? It can get ugly. From damaged to destroyed cars. Damaged car lifts. And worst case scenario, injured, or even fatally injured people. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than you would expect. Why? There are a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s a failure of the … Continue reading “Vehicle Falls Off Car Lift”

BendPak Four Post Lift Dimensional Drawings Now Available

We recently came out with  a dimensional drawing for all our BendPak Two Post Lifts, and it was very helpful. Customers raved about it, because it was very helpful to determine which lift will be suitable for their application. Well, now we’ve got dimensional drawings for all models of our BendPak Four Post Lift. This can be important to determine … Continue reading “BendPak Four Post Lift Dimensional Drawings Now Available”

BendPak Two Post Lift Dimensional Drawings Now Available

We have always provided a specification chart for our BendPak Two Post Lifts, and it was very helpful. But to really determine which car lift will be suitable for their application, many customers wanted more. Well, now we’ve got just what you wanted. This can be important to determine if a specific vehicle will fit on, … Continue reading “BendPak Two Post Lift Dimensional Drawings Now Available”

Huge BendPak Two Post Lift Sale is pleased to announce a new sale effective October 1st for a limited time. Our most popular BendPak Lift models are currently on sale and will be for a limited time. All of our XPR10 two post lift models are on sale right now at over $130 off their regular price. There is no better … Continue reading “Huge BendPak Two Post Lift Sale”

More Customer Two Post Lift Pictures

This is yet another installment of our customer pictures and testimonials. This is where we show you what our customers are saying about us and show you the pictures they send us of some of their shops or auto shop equipment. This time, it’s from a Subaru Dealership service department out of Maine. Just another … Continue reading “More Customer Two Post Lift Pictures”

BendPak vs Rotary 2 Post Lifts

Customers frequently ask us, ” How does your BendPak Lift compare to a Rotary lift”? It’s a reasonable question as a consumer. After all, Rotary is a well known car lift manufacturer with decades of experience in building lifts and a great reputation. Both manufacturers are top of the line and are ALI Certified. So when … Continue reading “BendPak vs Rotary 2 Post Lifts”

Automotive Lift Options – Part 1

There are many different Automotive Lift types, styles and designs out there on the market today. Prior to the 1980’s, if you walked into a typical auto shop, you would most likely find an In-Ground Lift. In-Ground Lifts have the hydraulic reservoir located below the garage floor, in the concrete. They typically employ the use of … Continue reading “Automotive Lift Options – Part 1”

Another Hollywood Automotive Lift Connection – MIB III

We’ve told you in the past about all the different Hollywood flicks we’ve supplied auto shop equipment to over the past 14 years. These productions require all kinds of support, including a full service auto maintenance facility. And when they do, they frequently come to At least Disney, Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures do. … Continue reading “Another Hollywood Automotive Lift Connection – MIB III”

New Video of 4 Post ATLAS Lift Caster Kit Option

Customers who are interested in our home / hobbyist 4 post lift options by BendPak, Dannmar and Workhorse frequently ask us, “How do the casters work”? You see, these lifts are designed to be free-standing. They don’t need to be bolted down to the floor. And a popular accessory is the caster kit, which allows … Continue reading “New Video of 4 Post ATLAS Lift Caster Kit Option”

BendPak Lift Comparison – Four Post Lift

This post was created to compare the BendPak HD9 series of Four Post Lift vs the Direct Lift Pro Park 8 four post lift. Some lift manufacturers may try to imitate BendPak’s quality and engineering, but they cannot duplicate it. That is why BendPak came out with a comparison between their HD9 lift, vs the Direct Lift … Continue reading “BendPak Lift Comparison – Four Post Lift”